Spinach + Tomato Quesadilla with Pesto

I needed a quick lunch this past week so I found some odds and ends around the kitchen, channeled my inner Napoleon, and made myself a dang quesa-dilluh 😉 I love the two cheese combo of mozzarella and feta. The mozzarella holds everything together while the feta adds awesome flavor. The spinach wilts as it heats, so don't be afraid to pile it on!
                             RECIPES BY thegardengrazer [THANK YOU]

This has become one of my favorites. I make it in my Foreman grill in 4 min. Absolutely delicious. I've also added other veggies like mushrooms and peppers.

YUM!!! Nice variation on the quesadilla, with still many substitutions/variations on this. Will make again. My husband, the meat lover, didn't even miss it.

Toast the tortillas well to avoid soggy. Spread the pesto thinly and shake the seeds out of the tomatoes if they are not firm. My family loves this!

Yummy! We all loved it. I made tortillas from scratch, nice and fresh. Yummy !

Very yummy, would make again.

1 roma tomato, thinly sliced
Baby spinach
Pesto (try homemade!)
Feta crumbles
Shredded mozzarella
2 large flour or gluten-free tortillas

Place a tortilla on a skillet over medium heat, and spread a layer of pesto on top.
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